>VEX (Visual Editor for XML) gets some life

>It has been way to long since I reported anything meaningful on VEX, a WYSIWYG editor for XML files. It originally resided on SourceForge but has since migrated to eclipse in the WTP Incubator.

Thanks to some community contributions we have a new build for early adopters to check out. This fixes a couple of bugs:

  • Vex “Insert Element” keyboard shortcut does not work [283293]
  • enhanced support for ‘content’ CSS property [260806]
  • VEX projects do not enforce a J2SE-1.5 JRE in their .classpath files [283572]
  • DocumentOutlinePage throws ClassCastException [257946]

Thanks to Remy Suen, Holger Voorman, Travis Haagen, and Torsten Stolpmann for their patches and contributions. Sorry it took so long to get these applied, but I’m stretched pretty thin with a variety of other eclipse related projects at the moment. In the mean time those brave souls that want to try the latest build can get it from here.

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