>IDs Need to be Published

>Periodically on the eclipse IRC we have people looking for a particular ID for a menu, popup, view, perspective, or toolbar. There is the excellent plugin spy (ALT+SHFT+F1 and ALT+SHFT+F2) however it does not necessarily reveal every ID one needs to know. Eclipse plugins and contributions revolve around the concept of the ID, it is the universal identifier for a piece of functionality with in eclipse. However, many plugins and projects keep these IDs hidden within their plugin XML or java code. With out the IDs it becomes very difficult to use the org.eclipse.ui.menu to add new commands and contributions to existing ones.

To help adopters, as many ids as possible should be documented in the SDK information given to adopters. Plugin Spy has helped reduce the many hours that are wasted searching for the correct id to use, how many more can be saved by simply documenting the existing known IDs? This is something that the community has the ability to do. We have a wiki, it would be great if we could start collecting the known IDs into one place. It would be a great community contribution, and could save yourself and others time in the future.

As an example of one such page. WTP migrated some of its menu contributions over to the org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point. In doing so, a page of IDs was created. To help get started, I created a new IDs category that can be used to mark such pages. The WTP page is the first one tagged. Feel free to create and tag others. Who knows you may eventually save yourself hours of searching.

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One Response to >IDs Need to be Published

  1. Tonny Madsen says:

    >I agree completely. But I not a fan of unnecessary offline documentation that has to be maintained separately, if it can be generated from the sources. And if we had an inline method – in plugin.xml – then I would gradly use this.

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