>A Hudson Transition

>Working for a small company means you get to wear many different technology hats. Currently, I’m wearing my Build Engineer’s hat. Along with this hat comes the skill of a plate spinner.

Keeping multiple systems building, and outputting effectively is no easy task. However, tools can help. Over the last three to four years, we have been using Luntbuild as our build managment system. At the time it was the best one that I could find that fit our particular needs. I looked at AntHill and Cruise Control, but neither really fit our particular needs.

Lately, Luntbuild has been showing some age. In particular I could never really get good performance out of it when having to run multiple builds in parallel. Also, because it stored its build information in a database, it made migration and disaster recovery a bit more work than I would have liked. So thanks to some conversations with Nick Boldt, I’ve finally given Hudson a go.

Now granted these conversations took place about 6 months ago, so I’m a little behind where I wanted to be in my investigation of Hudson.

Regardless, I’m quite happy with Hudson after setting up our main builds on it. Especially useful is the plugin support that Hudson has, and it’s metric tracking. Also, Hudson easily handles parallel builds. Job setup and configuration is a little less sophisticated than with Luntbuild, but is also easier to get setup and configured. One more thing for you eclipse users, there is a Hudson plugin for Eclipse.

So as Nick might summarize this blog entry:

Luntbuild out. Hudson in.

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