>XSL Tools Tip: Run Last Transformation

>If you are using the XSL Tools features in WTP 3.1.x, you may have noticed that it will prompt for the XML or Stylesheet to use when running a transformation. It does this as a XSL transformation needs an XML input file to be used. However, if you’ve already set a transformation, how can you re-run the same transformation again with out it prompting?

In eclipse 3.3, this would be accomplished using the short cut keys CTRL F11, in eclipse 3.4 and greater that combination no longer runs the last launched configuration, but runs based on selection. With XML and XSL files there could be many possible configurations to choose from so it prompts you. If you want to setup eclipse to work the way eclipse 3.3 works for CTRL F11, you need to change a configuration setting in Preferences->Run-Debug->Launch.

Set the Launch Operation to Always launch the previously launched application. This way if you are debugging and working on a set of XSL launch configurations you just need to hit CTRL F11 to relaunch the last configuration.

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