>Installing Eclipse SDK into a Product = Bad Mojo!

>So, I’m working on an XML IDE for the STAR Organization to give to the membership. One of my hopes was to keep the Galileo update sites in place. I can install various pieces just fine and they work within the application. Except for the Eclipse SDK.

What happens here, is that if you download the Eclipse SDK, because it was provisioned as a product build, it will over write your existing product configuration. So when you restart your application, you get the Galileo splash page occurring. I think this might not be a use case that was fully explored with P2. I haven’t checked if there is a known issue with this or not. Any P2.inf setting that I can do to tell it to just get the SDK info down instead of installing the complete Eclipse SDK product?

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2 Responses to >Installing Eclipse SDK into a Product = Bad Mojo!

  1. Jeff McAffer says:

    >Look at installing the Eclipse SDK FEATURE. That should not come with the branding and configuration info.

  2. David Carver says:

    >@Jeff: The SDK options on Galileo are:Eclipse Platform SDKEclipse Project SDKEclipse RCP SDKEclipse SDKI had selected Eclipse SDK to install and that installed the whole product. None of these are labeled Feature.

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