>PsychoPath 1.1 User Manual

>I’ve put the first cut at taking the old PsychoPath user manual that was written in TeX and put it on the Eclipse Wikipedia. The idea is to take advantage of the Crowd Sourcing abilities, and eventually use something like WikiText to convert the source to DocBook format for final cleanup and publication. The DocBook source files will be stored in CVS, and will be the official documentation format. Snapshots of the wiki will be taken periodically to make sure everything is in synch.

If you want to learn about the features of PsychoPath and how you can leverage the power of XPath 2.0, please take a look at the User Manual. Please feel free to help edit and update it where possible. Feel free to create additional pages. The goal is to give an easy way for the user community and adopters to help contribute to the documentation of the processor.

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