>P2: Battling the Demon in the Night

>Yes, pun intended with the title. This is a follow up to my prior post on Battling the Demon in the Night, in which I battle my way through getting a product build done with PDE Build. This second battle, has to do with making sure that the various Available Software Sites are actually working.

Chris gave me a nudge in the correct direction in order to get the additional sites added. You need to create a p2.inf file and put it at the same level as your product file. However what is not clear from the documentation in Touch Point Instructions is that you need two addRepository entries in p2.inf for each site you want to make available.

instructions.configure=addRepository(location:http${#58}//download.eclipse.org/releases/galileo/,type:0,name:Eclipse Galileo,enabled:true); \
addRepository(location:http${#58}//download.eclipse.org/releases/galileo/,type:1,name:Eclipse Galileo,enabled:true);

You need one entry for type:0 (Metadata) and one entry for the type:1 (Artifacts). If you do not have both entries when you go through the Install Software Updates, it will eventually complain that it can not find a “repository containing…”. You have to do this for every external site that you want available to your users. This answer in the newsgroup archive finally clarified it for me.

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