>XPath 2.0: IF . THEN . ELSE ….RESOLVED!

>One of the remaining issues that the PsychoPath parser has is not a PsychoPath issue itself, but due to the Cup based parser. Cup is getting confused somewhere along the line in parsing IF THEN ELSE statements. In particular it is complaining about the “then” statement as if it wasn’t expecting it. Bug 283214 is currently tracking this bug. So if there any Cup experts out there, some advice would be appreciated on what is happening and why.

Update 2009-07-14:

Ask and you shall receive. Jesper S Moller has contributed patches to the Cup generated grammar to fix the issue with IF ( … ) THEN . ELSE being treated as if it was a function after the IF statement. This has been committed and will be available when WTP 3.2M1 is available. Early adopters can check the code out from HEAD if you need it sooner.

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2 Responses to >XPath 2.0: IF . THEN . ELSE ….RESOLVED!

  1. Jesper says:

    >Now this really is a funny coincidence! I didn't read this blog post until today, I just came back from vacation and had a few idle cycles…

  2. David Carver says:

    >See it was your subconscious mind that told you it needed to be handled. 🙂

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