>XText for RelaxNG Update

>Peter Friese spent some time with me this afternoon to help work around some of the issues I had with the EBNF grammar and Xtext. The results are very encouraging.

The above is the editor, and outline view that is generated from the XText grammar. We even have some very basic content assistance that comes with it.

The hope is to p0lish this up over the next week or so, and contribute the source to the RelaxNG Editor and Validator enhacement in WTP. A code contribution has already been attached to the bug that provides Grammar aware content assistance and validation for XML files backed by a RelaxNG grammar. Hopefully we can get this project quickly into the WTP Incubator so that RelaxNG support can be added by Helios in some form.

Thanks again for the help Peter.

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One Response to >XText for RelaxNG Update

  1. oisin says:

    >Awesome – this is very cool – looking forward to giving it a test drive!

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