>Architecture Council: Bugzilla Best Practices

>The eclipse Architecture Council has been working on a set of best practice guidelines for triaging bugzilla. The effort is greatly influenced by Boris and the Platform UI team and their refactoring of their Bug Triage process. I wrote about similar concepts in the “Agile Bugzilla Bug Triaging” entry.

The guidelines are based on the leasons learned from using bugzilla, community feed back, committer experience, and an overall desire to provide clarity to the user and adopter community. Wayne will be sending out a message to the committers mailing list as well. Several projects will start to use the recommended practices over the comming months, and the wiki page will be updated and enhanced as more leasons are learned.

Projects go through growing pains, and as they become more popular they also tend to have more bugs filed against them. The best practices are a guideline for how to help with these pains, and hopefully clearly indicate to your user community which bugs are being worked on and which ones are available for anybody to work on.

As always the Architecture Council is open to suggestions for improvements, so feel free to drop us a note via bugzilla.

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  1. pliu says:

    >Hi, Dave.I've quoted your blog posting in my blog. You're welcome to shed some light on the issue. Here's the link: http://pliu.worldpress.com.Peter.

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