>PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Update

>Since XSL Tools graduation, the PsychoPath XPath 2.0 processor has been gaining a bit more interest from the community. In particular, Mukul Gandhi has provided a patch for a string-length() bug. For those looking at PscychoPath, you may want to download the most recent source or I-Build, as some classes have been moved to internal packages. I’ve left the items that are most commonly needed in public packages for executing the XPath expressions, but the vast majority are now in internal classes. I decided that this needed to be done sooner rather than later to help eliminate some potential breakages on method signatures that might happen when fixing internal bugs. PsychoPath is still based on a 2004/10 Draft of the XPath 2.0 specification, and it will be a priority to fix as many internals as possible in the WTP 3.2 time frame. This refactoring will help with that and lessen the overall impact to adopters on implementing witht he current framework.

I’ve also documented this change on the New Help for Old Friends IV wiki page as well.

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