>Sometimes Things Just Work

>It’s a sad state of affairs when you are pleasantly surprised by an software upgrade process. Particularly one that not only upgrades the software itself, but the underlying database and tables as well. I just recently migrated a bug tracking database from version 1.0.8 of MantisBT to 1.1.6. It was a nice simple upgrade that took less than a hour to complete in total. This includes backing up the original data, and software, and then installing the system.

People tend to ask why I favor open source solutions compared to commercial ones. It’s because of times like these. Now using open source does not always guarantee a pleasant upgrade experience. I’ve gone through my fair share of bad experiences with other projects. However, the advantage of having a larger user base helping and detecting upgrade issues before the software is released, is a big advantage. How active the community is around the open source project has a big affect on it’s overall quality. Low barrier’s to entry and participation are key.

I’ll still look at commercial software where it fits my needs, but I’ll always tend to look for an open source solution first.

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