>Kicking Over Rocks

>One of the things I liked to do when I was a kid was kicking over rocks. All sorts of things would come scurrying out looking for new cover. I tend to do the same thing when I’m working on a problem, whether that be a brain storming exercise, working on a new feature, or reviewing existing code. Kicking over the rocks isn’t a very popular thing at times, and it can be dangerous. Some nasty things can reside under rocks.

However, one thing it does tend to do is reveal items that were hidden. I’ve found that in most cases it brings to light various issues that people try to ignore. In particular with programming, it can ruffle feathers. Very few like to have the design flaws in their code pointed out. Very few organizations relish in having their problem areas brought to the fore front. We tend to think we are doing well. Those that are vocal, tend to be viewed as the vocal minority. In some cases though, we are turning over rocks that are grumbled about quietly by the majority.

So it’s why I’m really enjoying Bjorn’s personal insights and views. I share many of the same concerns. Others, I do not necessarily agree with but respect the opinion given. What I do think is healthy is that some rocks are being over turned. So that hopefully as a community we can address the concerns for the betterment of the whole. Bringing it to the light, debating the possible soultions, and then implementing a solution is the only way problems are addressed.

So, what other rocks do we need to over turn? What are your personal rocks that need to be flipped?

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