>Eclipse, GSOC, and XML

>I posted several ideas on the Eclipse Google Summer of Code page in regards to xml related items. In particular the RelaxNG Editor and RelaxNG Validators have been getting a lot of interest. It’s not surprising, because within the XML community RelaxNG is a very well established alternative to the sometimes more verbose and complex XML Schemas. The latter is more widely known because of it’s ties to WSDL based Web Services, and it’s adoption by data binders and commercial interests. RelaxNG supports certain use cases better particularly when dealing with mixed content, and is very popular in the publishing fields because of this support. I think both have their uses, and would love to see a student create the basics for RelaxNG support within eclipse.

A reminder to students, your application for your proposal must be turned into Google by April 3rd. I hope that all of the students that have contancted me submit proposal. XSL Tools has already adopted a student project as the basis for XPath 2.0 support. The Psychopath processor started off as a student project, and eventually found it’s way into XSL Tools. It’s a great way to get some real work experience and internship experience on your resume. So, get those proposals turned in, it should be another great summer.

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