>EclipseCon Wrap up

>Alright…so this is a consolidation of Day 3 and 4 of the conference. By about day 3 the California cold virus that decided to invade my body, was winning the war. I’ve managed to battle back, but it took its toll Thursday evening.

Over all, the conference was pretty good. There was a good variety of information, and I really enjoyed the BOFs that I did attend. In general, I received more information and felt more was accomplished through the BOFs than through the presentations. I will say one thing about short talks…10 minutes is almost too short. Cramming content that was designed for a 40 minute presentation down to 10 is just not fair to the content provider or the content itself. I would say the vast majority of the presentations could have used the 25 minute format.

Some suggestions for next years EclipseCon.

  • Have more hands on tutorials and group exercises. I found the best benefit when given labs and tutorials to work on instead of listening to presentations.
  • Maybe cut the conference down to a 3 day conference. There were many open spots and holes within the schedule.
  • There needs to be more sessions devoted to bring in community members and how they can become committers. Long term it’s not the strategic members that will keep eclipse going, but the larger community participation.

BTW, +1 for the Twitter experiment. I think the Birds Nest worked out well.

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