>EclipseCon and XML Update Day 1

>XSLT Tutorial and XSL Tools:

We had a pretty good turn out for the tutorial. We ran through Roger Costello’s XSLT Tutorial, and used XSL Tools for the lab exercises. It’s amazing I still have a voice after cramming a 2 day tutorial and slides into a 4 hour session. We worked on the first 3 parts of Lab 1, and then the group wanted just go through the rest of the slides. The XSL Tools editor and launching performed well, with one Null Pointer Exception showing up randomly. However, a patch to fix it has already been contributed.

Overall, besides the goof up on my part to not include the JDT within the editor for JAXP Launching, (oops), the tutorial went well.

StAC Meeting:

The meetings of the great minds at Eclipse also known as the StAC meeting, was interesting. I still beat the community drum. I still feel that eclipse is being weighted down with code bloat, and serious technical debt. The debt has to be addressed, and if it is ignored…well…just look at the current global economic crisis for an example of what can happen.

Agile BOF:

We had a small turn out but a very good set of discussion points. Hopefully, this can be expanded as we go forward. There are ways that within the current Eclipse Development Project process, that developers and projects can still be agile. I’ll target some more blog posts in the future on ways to do this.

XML Community and Eclipse:

I’ve said the eclipse xml community is a very niche area. Last year, there wasn’t much visibility for this community. However, this year, the XML community is becoming more visible. XQuery is one area that is starting to get some commercial adopters interest. My plan for that WTP Incubator component is to devote some more time and resource to it. However, at the moment I’m the only committer on it. With that said, anybody that provides me we good quality patches and bug fixes, I’ll make sure that the contributions are addressed in a timely fashion. The more quality bug fixes and enhancements received, the greater the possibility I can get you in as a committer on that component.

This committement I make to all the XML related components in the web tools platform project. I’ll do my best to help get your patches and contributions accepted. I can’t guarantee everything will get in, but good quality stuff that addresses issues will get a priorty. Especially if you can include a unit test to go along with the patch.

I think that will do it for now, I’ll have a few more posts to do later. You can also follow my real-time updates on Twitter as well.

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