>Planning Poker for Remote Teams

>One of the challenges with implementing Scrum or even XP for remote teams is the planning of the sprint and estimation of the product backlog. Planning Poker is an estimation technique for a user story (feature/bug). It provides an abstraction in the way of concept of story points or ideal hours (my preference is points). For those working on open source projects, the team members tend to be spread globally, making a traditional planning poker session difficult to run. I’ve tried in the past to do this over a conference call but it just doesn’t work well. The reason is that as you go around the call saying what each person’s estimate was, it influences those that are to come. The ideal situation is that everybody sees the results at the same time.

It was with great pleasure then that I found a site that can help avoid the above situation. PlanningPoker.com is a free site that people can use to run their planning poker sessions.

In the Eclipse Development Process there is a week dedicated to planning before coding starts in an iteration, and a week for stabilization. Most agile projects I know take a day or less to do planning for an iteration. Planning poker is one way they use to come up with estimates.

What other ways have you addressed this remote planning issue?

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2 Responses to >Planning Poker for Remote Teams

  1. Andy says:

    You can also use Google Drive as an easy solution for remote planning poker. Here’s the full description of how we were able to do this – http://bit.ly/1eVpVPp

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