>XSL Tools Graduates!

>It’s official XSL Tools has graduated from Incubator status, and is officially part of the Web Tools Platform Source Editing project. I want to personally thank the XML and Eclipse community for their support, and bug/enhancement support. The one thing I will say about this project, is that it shows what a few driven community members can do. XSL Tools was a project that was started and brought to life through code contributions from individual community members.

I hope to see more projects driven from the community and filtering up as we go forward. For now, enjoy XSL Tools 1.0M6 in a few days, and plan to attend the XSL Tools and XSLT Tutorial that we will be hosting at EclipseCon.

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2 Responses to >XSL Tools Graduates!

  1. >Congratulations! Really good to see all your hard work paying off and help to turn Eclipse into a better IDE for XML work.

  2. David Carver says:

    >Jesper…XSL Tools is hopefully just the start for some more much needed tooling for XML to come.

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