>XML/HTML Formatting

>One of the current weak points of the XML/HTML editors in the web tools project is the formatting. There are numerous bugs opened against the various components pointing out the weak points. I’ve even tried to help to suggest a refactoring of the current formatter to help make it a bit easier to test and debug.

However, the more I look at it, the more I think in some ways that the current method is re-inventing the wheel instead of leveraging existing implementations. Particularly Xerces has a serializer implementation that could be used as the basis for handling the formatting. To help describe and start to flesh out some requirements and ways this could be used, I’ve opened bug 268361. With a bit of pre-processing of annotations and markers in the editor, using XPath to obtain the nodes, the majority of the formatting work could be handled by existing implementations.

Anyways, if you are interested or have other ideas, please comment on bug 268361.

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2 Responses to >XML/HTML Formatting

  1. myernore says:

    >I'm not sure where else to ask this. Is there a place that contains information about the xml tools that are now in Ganymede? It seems ridiculous that one would have to right click –> add after –> new element. Certainly there must be a keyboard shortcut, right? Or must we mouse through a complicated, nested menu for every element we create?

  2. dcarver says:

    >@myernore: Unfortunately there currently isn't. However, you can bring up the context menu through the keyboard's short cut key to bring up Pop-up menus. Mine shows a little menu with a mouse pointer on it. You can then use the keyboard to navigate through the menus.If you want, please open an enhancement request to have the Design Tab make these assignable with the General->Keys preference. Open the bug against the wst.xml component in Web Tools Source Editing.

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