>The XML Community at Work

>XSL Tools Contribution:

The XML community in Eclipse is a very niche place. It’s quiet but is active. XSL Tools just received a nice contribution from Stuart Harper tracked in bug 264788. Stuart has been one of the more active community members, providing some good feedback and suggestions for usability enhancements. The contribution adds the ability for a run configuration to select from any open editor the input file to be used, as long as it is part of the XML Content Type. This can be a handy time saver in selecting your files for transformation.

While we are on the topic of XSL Transformation. Eclipse has an option to re-run the last run configuration launched. The short cut key is CTRL+F11. For Debugging, this is just plain F11. One of the questions we have gotten lately is how can we make the XSL Launch remember the last files used? When a launch configuration is first created, it is saved, along with the appropriate inputs and xslt to use during the transformation. Using the short cut keys, one can relaunch the exact same configuration with out having to respecify the options.

VEX Contribution:

VEX also received a contribution, that I had missed since I was busy with XSL Tools. Travis Haagen, contributed a patch for bug 260806 which enhances the content CSS property to support attributes as well as elements. This is now part of the head code in CVS, and available in the latest integration build.

Nurture the Community:

Support from the community is key in evolving these applications. I believe that the community is what drives the adoption, with out it, none of our projects will survive long. So treate the community well, and it shall do the same.

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One Response to >The XML Community at Work

  1. >Great stuff Dave!Keep up the good work and contributions coming!

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