>XML Development Tools Unofficial Proposal

>I’ve been rolling the XML Development Tools proposal around in my head for a while. After a thread in WTP Incubator lead down to the discussion of the need for a XML Development Tools project, I figured now was a good a time as any to see what interest there is from the XML and Eclipse community.

The state of XML development tools in eclipse is varied. There are some very good specification implementations, and then there are others that only go part way. Much of this has to do with the legacy nature of the web tools project, and the overall size of it. There are only so many cycles that can be devoted by a small team to about 8 or 9 components of varying sizes. Currently WTP includes the following general XML related items:

  • XML – editors, validators, and wizards, W3C DOM implementation
  • XSD – editors, validators, and instance generators
  • DTD – editors, validators, and wizards
  • XML Catalog – support for locating and referencing grammars either XSD or DTD.

Along with this the Source Editing group is also responsible for:

  • CSS Editor
  • HTML Editor
  • JSP Editor

Soon, XSL Tools will be graduating to the Source Editing project of the Web Tools Platform. Which will add XSLT to the source editing component along with two more committers. However waiting in the wings are several more incubator projects which may or may not necessarily fall well into the Source Editing project. In particular, the XML Security and Encyrption Tools component. This really does not have to deal with editing source, but crosses both XML Editing and also the Web Services. But XML Security and Encryption goes beyond that. It can be used on any type of XML file, and it’s more general purpose.

The goal is not to replace WTP, but provide an area that would leverage the existing tooling provided like SSE and the existing editors already created, but give a place where there can be a more focused effort on general xml needs that are not necessarily web related.

There are other items as well. XSL Tools with 1.0M6 will include the Psycopath XPath 2.0 processor. This in itself really should be it’s own project or component as it is useful not only for XSLT 2.0, but also for XQuery 1.0 as well as it’s own standalone processor. There is also an XQuery Development Tools component in the incubator, which again would technically fall under Source Editing in WTP, but goes beyond that. Source Editing is just one small piece of a large project.

There are other areas that need to be addressed like RelaxNG support, full DOM Level 1 – Level 3 support, SchemaTron support. Work needs to improve on support for various specifications and test suites. This proposal is not in anyway official. It’s in the community gathering phase to see what type of interest there is from the community, adoptors, and potential contributors. So please feel free to comment and add to the proposal if interested.

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2 Responses to >XML Development Tools Unofficial Proposal

  1. AlBlue says:

    >It gets unofficial support from me 🙂 I think having an XML project would be a good plan – after all, Apache has xml.apache.org.

  2. David Carver says:

    >Al: Add your support to the wiki entry if you haven’t. Would be nice to have a small not stating the reason as well.

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