>Random Bits and Pieces

>Top Contributor Nominee interviews:

DZone has published the Eclipse Top Contributor Nominations interviews. I feel honored to be nominated with the other nominees. It’s too bad that only one can be selected.

Agile BOF proposed:

Ketan and I have proposed an Agile BOF for EclipseCon. Due to the first come first serve basis and project BOFs getting priority (rightfully so), we may move some of this to the SWTBot BOF that has been accepted.

Is Eclipse Development Really Agile?:

Ian Bull pointed to a presentation by Eric Gamma on the Eclipse Development Process. In there Eric makes the claim that this is an Agile process. While the Eclipse Development Process does pull in some aspects of Agile methodologies like iterations and releasing often, that is not all that makes a project agile. I know what I would think that would make the Eclipse Development Process more agile, but I’m curious what the community thinks. Is the current process Agile enough, or is it not?

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2 Responses to >Random Bits and Pieces

  1. Antoine says:

    >I don’t think it is. It feels uneasy because builds are difficult to create and CI builds are not the rule. It also isn’t good because there is no serious involvement of test units, specs, etc.

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