>Finding Duplicate Code with SimScan

>One of the problems with developing plugins and frameworks, is the code bloat that can occur. Particularly code duplication. Where small pieces of code are recopied and reused, instead of a method or a class being created and reused. The problem in a lot of cases is identifying where there is duplication in a framework or set of plugins occurs. There are many commercial utilities and analysis tools but I like to stick to a shoe string budget, and prefer open source or free products where possible.

Today I ran across the SimScan plugin for Eclipse. Download the plugin.

I ran the code coverage against the Eclipse Web Tools code just for giggles, and the screen shot above is a report it generates within the IDE. Reducing the duplicate code throughout your code base, helps reduce bugs, and the overall size and complexity of your code. I’ll run the same duplication scans across VEX and XSL Tools as well.

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