>SSE and XML Unit Test Code Coverage Report

The above is a snapshot of the current code coverage of the SSE and XML unit tests in the web tools platform. The org.eclipse.coverage.tests is a plugin I created to execute the multiple suites in one run so I wouldn’t have to merge multiple reports (note I had to run the validation tests separately otherwise I was getting class loader issues). The full detailed coverage report can be found in bug 259459. The screen shot and report were generated using hte EclEmma plugin for eclipse.

The purpose of creating the report is to help point out where pieces of SSE and the XML frameworks are lacking in testing. So that when changes happen in these pieces of code it’s difficult to know whether other pieces have been broken. I’ve run similar reports against the XSL Tools and VEX projects, and it’s actually pretty insightful. It helps to report where there is code in the unit test plugins themselves that are not ever executed. If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend getting a testing coverage tool and running similar reports against your own projects. You may not have as complete coverage as you may think.

Untested code is a haven for bugs to hide and breed.

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