>XForms + XSLT + AJAX = XSLTForms

>Client Side XSLT transformations in the browser haven’t been given much attention beyond transformations from various XML documents to HTML formats. XForms itself is not as widely known or leveraged as it probably should be, and there is even a project at eclipse called Apogee that can render XForms documents into SWT user interfaces.

So it is pretty cool to see an XSLT solution that is very fast and runs in multiple browsers (I personally tested it under FireFox 3.0 on Ubuntu Linux). Take a look at some of the demos on the XSLTForms site. If you want to view the page source that it is rendered from, just view the Page Source in your browser, it’ll be a combination of XHTML and XForms markup. The XSLT that processes everything is found at the link in the processing instruction.

Information about this project came from the Micahpedia blog.

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