>The Importance of Keeping Builds Green

>This from the #eclipse IRC channel today:

(15:45:35) syke: what’s up with the CDT 6.0 nightly builds? I see the latest one got tagged as M4, but it has more test failures than any other snapshot from the last 3 weeks
(15:47:13) d_a_carver: syke: I would hope that M4 builds or any milestone build is passing all the unit tests before being declared.
(15:48:10) krbarnes left
(15:48:29) krbarnes entered
(15:48:55) syke: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/builds/6.0.0/index.html
(15:49:08) syke: d_a_carver: am I reading that page incorrectly?
(15:49:58) d_a_carver: syke: Yeah, that looks bad.

In case people didn’t think the community looked and checked your build status, they do. In fact it happens more often than one thinks. Keeping your unit tests passing and your builds clean is important for community and adopter confidence that everything is working.

Here’s the Unit Test report in question for CDT 6.0.

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4 Responses to >The Importance of Keeping Builds Green

  1. nickb says:

    >Testify!I’d say got one step further: if it’s not green, don’t publish it — after all, who wants to use a “bad” build?

  2. David Carver says:

    >@Nickb. Agreed. It’s the only way to provide user confidence that nothing is broken…but to get the build green…don’t take the easy way out by just commenting out the failing tests. (I’ve seen that done to get a build green.)

  3. >I guess you guys missed the last four years of CDT builds with broken tests…

  4. David Carver says:

    >@Doug, I would guess so as I don’t look at CDT that often, I just check WTP and try to make sure they stay green since I depend on their functionality.It’s important to keep the builds clean, more important than hitting a particular date. If the builds aren’t staying green and the unit tests are always failing there is something wrong with the development process. Not enough integration, and failing tests aren’t getting the priority they deserve.

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