>Eclipse and Industry Organizations

>Doug Gaff’s board post reminded me that I wanted to mention something about the industry working group concept at eclipse. I think it can be an excellent vehicle to help make sure that specifications and standards created by other Industry specific organizations are implemented in a common way. With this said, I would hope that the following happens as well:

  1. The Eclipse Foundation becomes members with the relevant existing industry organizations that may exist.
  2. Gives existing industry organizations representation on these working groups, so that the overall organizations needs are being met as well.

As an example, let’s take Automotive since I happen to work for an Automotive Standards organization called STAR. The opinion here is my own. In automotive there are several main industry organizations, some work for the interests of the dealers, their vendors, and OEMs, like NADA and STAR. Others are more concerned with the manufacturing and supply side like AIAG, ODETTE, and JAMA/JAPIA. Going further into Automotive you have organizations that represent the collision and insurance portions like CIECA.

STAR is already an assoicate member of eclipse, but currently eclipse is not a member of STAR. If eclipse is going to create their own working groups, it would seem that they should also be involved where it makes sense with the existing organizations at a membership level as well. In most cases this costs the eclipse organization nothing as many will do MOUs between the two organizations.

Personally speaking, I would love to see some common reusable frameworks that leverage existing eclipse frameworks to make implementing the STAR standard easier for adopters. To provide a consistent way in which the various data specifications and the STAR web service specification can be implemented in an interoperable manner for STAR members. It may help drive some more membership from existing members in both organizations to become active members in the other.

So as the Eclipse Foundation moves forward with these industry workgroups, be mindful and play well with the existing organizations. Get them involved, and be involved in those groups as well.

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