>Contributions wanted

>There are a couple of eclipse XML development tools projects that are in need of specific technology tender loving care expertise.

  • VEX – is actually getting a little bit of blog coverage. Most recently, the Dita.xml.org posting by Michael Priestly. There has also been some activity on the wtp incubator newsgroup from a potential contributor. At the moment, I’m the main one working on this, which provides a bottle neck due to time constraints. As Michael’s blog posting states, VEX could use some contributor help, which could lead to a committer ship depending on the quality of the patches provided. If interested, just help provide some documentation, an enhancement patch to VEX, or other feature, and I’ll see what I can do to get it implemented.
  • XQuery Development Tools – at the moment we have the code in CVS, but not much progress beyond the initial code contribution has been made. This is due mainly to time constraints from myself, and the initial author (he’s still fighting his way throug classes), however, if you are interest in XQuery and providing tooling and frameworks to make implementing and using this easier, please submit patches or open bugs against the XQuery Development tools component.

The goal of all of these projects is to provide a base core framework and functionality for potential adopters to enhance and build upon. The better the base and core, the more stable of a platform that an adopter can have. Anytime I post about VEX, my google analytics page views spike, so I know there is an interest from the Authoring community in the tooling, VEX just needs a bit of tender loving care from the community to help make it useful and viable.

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