>XSL Tools Debugger – NodeSets Part 3

>Well, thanks to the eclipse debug team for pointing me in the correct direction, the XSL Tools Debugger now correctly identifies the various items within a XSL Nodeset or Result Fragment.

This is committed and will be in the 1.0M4 build. Being able to view the contents of nodesets will be a big help in debugging stylesheets. Other nice to have features:

  • Break Points in XML Input files – currently XSL Tools doesn’t support this.
  • XPath Watch Expressions – again currently not supported.

Are there any other items users or adopters would like to see from a debugging stand point?

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1 Response to >XSL Tools Debugger – NodeSets Part 3

  1. Charanjith says:

    I am using eclipse luna java IDE and XSL developer tools 1.3.400 version. I am not able to debug the nodeset values. I could track only when I assign the value to a variable. I found this link after searching for a while in google.
    Is this feature available in the eclipse WTP plugin ?
    Forgive my ignorance

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