>VEX Integration Builds

>For those very brave souls that want to help with VEX or are looking to contribute and test VEX, we finally have some automated builds. Warning these builds are still very much in an experimental stage, and there is a lot of stuff changing underneath. These have only been tested on Web Tools 3.1.x and Eclipse 3.5. They might work with 3.4 and 3.0, but no guarantee.

  • Integration with WTP Content Model, removes old dependency on DTDParser.
  • Includes basic DocBook 4.5 and CSS stylesheet.
  • Support for DITA 1.1 (not currently included in the latest build), and CSS stylesheet.
  • Loads the VEX model from the WTP DOM – currently they aren’t kept in synch. The WTP DOM is only used to load the VEX document model.

This is a good version to kick the tires and see what it can do. We are looking for some contributions, and patches. Particularly in the following areas:

  • Adapters between WTP DOM and the VEX Model.
  • Multipage Editor that has both a VEX Editor and the SSE DOM editor.
  • Support in VEX for Namespaces, and multiple Content Models.
  • Enhanced XML Model support for VEX including Comments, Processing Instructions, etc.

If interested you can take a look at the latest 0.5 integration builds. Again, these builds aren’t stable, but we need feedback, and are looking for contributions to help improve VEX.

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5 Responses to >VEX Integration Builds

  1. wishwas says:

    >Hello David,Really glad to know VEX is in full swing. Just wanted to ask you if you are doing something abt displaying images inline as discussed in the below mentioned forum.http://www.nabble.com/Displaying-images-tt18788462.html#a19266926Looking forward for a reply,Wishwaseclipsedevel@gmail.com

  2. David Carver says:

    >It’s on my mental to do list, if you could open up a bug request for this at bugs.eclipse.org in the Web Tools Incubator and the wtp.inc.vex component I’d appreciate it. Patches are always welcomed to make it happen.

  3. Wasiq says:

    >Hi David,I had inquired about contributing to the VEX project and John Krasnay kindly pointed me to this blog of yours.My name is Wasiq and I am a developer at NexJ Systems Inc. (www.nexj.com). We are very interested in using VEX functionality for our document publishing needs, and are very excited to contribute to the project.Please let me know what I can do to get on board.Cheers,Wasiq ShaikhNexJ Systems Inc.

  4. David Carver says:

    >@Wasiq: VEX is always looking for help. The first thing I would do is check out the code base, and do a search against the existing VEX bugs. I would also familiar rise yourself with the Eclipse Development resources.You might also want to monitor the WTP Incubator mailing list, and feel free to post any comments or questions there regarding the code base. Enough contribution history can lead to a committership on the project. But besides code, there are multiple ways to contribute, including writing documentation, and help for the project.If you need to, you can contact me directly at d_a_carver at yahoo dot com.

  5. ossi says:

    >coool! 🙂

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