>Another painless Ubuntu Upgrade

>I’ve been using various versions of Ubuntu Desktop as my primary operating system for about a year. In fact, I don’t even have a copy of Vista or Windows XP installed on the laptop. When I bought the machine, my intent was to finally once and for all move away from Windows and get my system back. So far now problems, and I haven’t had to look back.

I upgraded today to Intrepid Ibex the latest version. Ubunutu has one of the simpliest installs I’ve ever experienced. In my case I did the upgrade which asked me one or two questions, and then it did the rest. In the past when I had to do windows installs and upgrades, I needed to do multiple reboots, answer multipe questions, reboot again, answer some more questions, etc etc etc.

Hardware wise this version of Ubuntu fixes several minor issues I had with the prior version. It now correctly has my Wireless led working as well as fixed some display and sound issues I had before. It also looks like there is better Multi-Headed display detection and configuration with this release as well.

Overall, it’s was a painless upgrade.

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