>WTP Incubator Updates

>We have a couple more WTP Incubator projects getting ready to ramp up now that the committers have made it through the gauntlet of paperwork and sign offs.

  • XML Security Tools – Dominik Schadow is the original author and will be coming on board as a WTP committer to continue the work he started. The set of plugins helps with the implementation and testing of the W3C XML Encryption and Digital Signature specifications. Dominik has been working on this set of plugins for several years as a sourceforge project. I asked if he would like to make it an official eclipse project and he was up for the challenge.
  • XQuery Development Tools – This one you have heard about on and off. Buddhika Laknath was a google summer of code student, that I helped mentor over the summer. He contributed his project to WTP and will be coming on board to continue the development of this very much needed piece in the XML tool chain.

Both of these guys will make a good addition to the growing XML suite of tools at eclipse. There is still a need for additonal XML tools, and all of the incubating projects are looking for help and code contributions.

VEX Update:

In the way of VEX, we are still inching closer and closer to where we can get some automated builds going. The big hold back right now is updating VEX so that it is aware of the WTP DOM as well as it’s own. Ed is guiding me in the ways of the modeling force, so I hope to have a workable solution using the EMF2SSEDOM api provided by WTP. Right now I do have the VEX document model loading from DOMModel, so we are closer to having the two talking. Also, there is some work from the user community on enhanced DocBook and DITA support. Like the other incubating projects, VEX could use some community help as right now it’s a two person show.

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One Response to >WTP Incubator Updates

  1. >Cool, I’m excited to see things progress!Definitely looking forward towards progress on VEX!

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