>What Happened to XML.com?

>One of the sites that I used to regularly vist, was XML.com. I still visit it from time to time, but the quality of the site hasn’t been what it used to be. With the apparent emphasis on blogs, and less on the traditional articles, and howto’s, the overall usefulness of the site isn’t once what it was.

While I think blogs have their place, and can provide valuable information, there is still plenty of room for some indepth articles. The blog format tends to lead it self to short postings, with out really getting into the guts of how something is done.

So this is an open letter to XML.com editors, please bring the meat and potatoes back to XML.com. I still like the blogs but find the indepth articles of the past more useful.

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2 Responses to >What Happened to XML.com?

  1. Ian Skerrett says:

    >I find the same thing with the O’Reilly OnJava site. It is too bad since they use to be good sites.

  2. Dan Sickles says:

    >O’Reilly took themselves off my radar with the recent changes. It’s like they just disappeared. Worse than that, they moved OSCON from Portland to San Jose ?!??!!There’s something wrong in Sebastopol.

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