>XSL Tools Update

>I haven’t blogged much about XSL Tools. This is because we’ve been hard at work fixing and enhancing the plugins. We’ve completed a lot of functionality and bug fixes. There are a couple of features that are of note.

Result View

One of the biggest missing features from the XSLT Debugger was not being able to see the results as you were stepping through a transformation. 1.0M2 will add this view.

This alone will make working with the debugger much easier. If you have any other enhancements and request for the debugger please let us know by opening a bug request.

XSL Proposals

1.0M2 will introduce several more content assistance proposals, but one of the big ones that was missing was the ability to get XSL content assistance when you were within elements that weren’t part of the XSL namespace.

This functionality is pretty critical to an XSLT editor, so we are glad to get this added for 1.0M2.

XPath Navigator

The XPath Navigator has been removed from the XML Perspective. Some users have noticed it missing in the latest development builds. If you would like to see it brought back, drop us a note in the bug.

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