>Generating the Eclipse Project Plan

>As was posted by Jeff earlier this week, eclipse has standardized on an XML format for capturing project plan information. There is a wiki entry that gives some hints and tips for generating the plan and previewing it. While the web browser tip does work in general, FireFox and other browsers block the XSLT from going out to external web sites to pull the bugzilla information. So if you preview within the web browser you won’t see the bugzilla entries rendered.

To get around this limitation, you can render the plan locally using the XSL Tools Launch Configurations. XSL Tools 0.5 is available as an optional download through the Web Tools Update site. Once installed you can setup a new Launch Configuration that looks similar to the following:

The Main tab allows you to setup the XML input file to be used in the transformation scenario, as well as the XSLT stylesheets to be used during the transformation. As with rendering the plan with the web browser, you will need the same three stylesheets. In the stylesheet pipline transformation box, add the project-plan-render.xsl stylesheet. Next specify the output filename on the Output tab:

If you have set up eclipse so that it opens HTML files with the internal eclipse web browser you can preview the output automatically with in eclipse. Make sure that the check box for “Open file on completion” is checked. The last item to do is select the particular Processor to use during the transformation.

I recommend changing this from the default JRE processor to use the Xalan processor. The reason being that the default JRE processor is known to have issues with various stylesheets and the Xalan processor that hasn’t be modified by SUN is much better from an XSLT compliance and compatibility level.

Finally, press the Run button. You should get the plan rendered with all bugzilla entries displayed as well. The screen shots shown are from the latest XSL Tools 1.0M1 milestone release so may be a little different than what is available in XSL Tools 0.5, but the necessary steps are the same.

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