>Spaghetti vs The Garbage Disposal

>Well, here is something I learned. Don’t take left over spaghetti and try to use the garbage disposal to get rid of it. You end up with a bunch of chopped up spaghetti sitting in your pipes, and it loves to absorb water. Thus causing a nice big backup, that takes about 3 full bottles of Drain-O to eat it away. Oh and yes, I did try the plunger and plumber’s snake, it fought back and reclogged a day later.

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2 Responses to >Spaghetti vs The Garbage Disposal

  1. Alex says:

    >Sounds like refactoring… It is normal.

  2. nickb says:

    >Saw your post title in my Gmail Web Clips ticker, and assumed you would be telling some story about fixing spaghetti code vs. throwing it away and agilely starting over.How disappointing that it’s just about real pasta and real clogged pipes. 😦

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