>Standards Blog Feeds

>Is there a planet or blog feed that is totaly devoted to a spec ific standard? I’m looking for planets devoted to specifications like OAGIS, UBL, ACORD, SWIFT, or even W3C related standards. The closest I’ve found is XML Hack, but that is general XML related information.

It would be nice to have a planet feed that was devoted to B2B standards if it doesn’t already exist. Maybe it does and I’m just missing it.

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3 Responses to >Standards Blog Feeds

  1. Jeffrey Liss says:

    >If there isn’t there should be. Specific standards as well as a sweeping aggregate that addresses all IT standards — for those of us who have to maintain SDLCs and herd cats, er, manage developers.

  2. Francis says:

    >I don’t think there is, and I have been looking around at these sort of standards for a long time, but I could have missed it.

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