>SchemaTron Plugin for Eclipse

>While doing one of my periodic searches on Sourceforge for various XML plugins for eclipse. I ran across SchemaTron for Eclipse. SchemaTron is a very powerful schema language that can be used in place of or along side the W3C Schema Language. It compliments the current XSD language by being able to represent various business and structrual rules that XSD can’t support. XSD 1.1 addresses many of these limitations but it’s not currently available yet.

The plugin adds a SchemaTron specific editor. It has a Source tab, as well as a preview tab. The Preview tab, shows a sample of the XSLT that would be generated. For those that are using the Eclipse XSL Tools plugin as well, you can take this XSLT and run it using XSL Tools (you’ll have to save the XSL manually).

The plugin was originally written for Web Tools 1.5, but seems to work fine with Web Tools 3.0. The plugin is available under the Eclipse Public License.

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