>A Guide to Eclipse Plugin Development?

>I ran across Matt Asay’s blog entry, “Anyone can play guitar…or hack the Linux kernel“. The relevant link is back to the Linux Foundation’s document on How to Participate in the Linux Community. In many ways, this is the type of guide that is missing for eclipse. It would be nice if the committers, foundation, and community could come together to write such a guide. I know some ideas have been tossed about for doing this, but no relevant action has been taken. There are bits and pieces on the eclipse wiki, but we really need it consolidated into one place.

How can we get this done? Should it be included as part of the Eclipse Help system for Galileo?

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3 Responses to >A Guide to Eclipse Plugin Development?

  1. Ed Merks says:

    >David, I agree that’s a very nice document and that Eclipse should have something similar. Of course we need an associated mind set in our community that treats contributions with a reasonable level of priority. I think the platform itself sets the benchmark for better or for worse and with the onset of e4, its far for the better!

  2. David Carver says:

    >Ed you might be interested in bug 222105. I think it’s going to take a group effort to create this information. If we create it, I think it will help at least get the community going. You are right, it takes a change in mindset from some projects. Again some will be better than others, but maybe we need a eclipse manifesto. Something that states an agreement between a committer and community contributor. If you contributor took the time to provide the patch, I’ll review it in a timely manner and provide feed back. Together we will work through the process to try and integrate the patch.I know that is my view for anything sent to the XSL Tools project.

  3. Ed Merks says:

    >I totally agree! Even today someone reported a problem, included a nice simple test case, and described exactly what changes were needed to fix the problem, see 243908. These kind of things make a guy feel really good about the community. I added a link to 222105 for the wiki page that describes how to bootstrap an EMF development environment from CVS; yet another community effort. Collaboration is key. We are all partners.

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