>Setting up Doccheck for Eclipse Plugin Projects

>For those that are interested, here is a small ANT target that can be used as a basis for checking your plugin projects for javadoc errors. These are typically missing comments, no paramaters documented, etc.

<target name="DocCheck">
<javadoc destdir="doc/doccheck" package="true" docletpath="${workspace}/lib/doccheck.jar">
<fileset dir="${workspaceloc}">
<include name="org.eclipse.wst.xsl.core/**/*.java" />
<packageset dir="${workspaceloc}/org.eclipse.wst.xsl.core/src">
<include name="**" />
<doclet name="com.sun.tools.doclets.doccheck.DocCheck">
<param name="-execDepth" value="2" />

You can add multiple packagesets and multiple includes. The workspaceloc property refers to the workspace that you have the plugins installed.

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