>Mylyn Mantis Connector 3.0 Final available

>Mylyn-Mantis 3.0 available.

Mylyn-Mantis is a Mylyn 3.0 connector for the Mantis Bugtracker. It is licensed under the Eclipse Public License. We now have all functionality of the Mylyn 2.0 connector working, plus a few additional bug fixes:

  • Fixed ‘Resolving issue does not set status’
  • Map priority and severity level (thanks to Jim Allers)
  • Removed duplicate jar files from core.jar ( thanks to Edward Rudd )
  • Fixed users with ‘reporter’ access level appearing in ‘assign to’ field

This version is designed for Eclipse 3.4 and Mylyn 3.x. It may be retreived using Software Updates at:


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One Response to >Mylyn Mantis Connector 3.0 Final available

  1. Adam says:

    >I tried to install this on Eclipse 3.4 and get an error saying That “‘Install’ has encountered a problem.”An error occurred during provisioning. Failed to prepare partial IU: [R]com.itsolut.mantis.core

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