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>Refactoring XSL Stylesheets

>One of the most difficult things for people new to XSL is learning to think in a functional language instead of a procedural language. XSL’s power comes from the fact that it works best off of templates. While there is … Continue reading

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>XSL Tools Team Project Set

>To make it a bit easier for those that might want to help contribute to XSL Tools, we have created a team project set file. Currently this can be found as an attachment in bug 240358.

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>Tearing Ant from JDT

>….is going to need a crow bar, a couple of sticks of dynamite, and a lot of beer. I wasn’t surprised to see how closely tied to the JDT core and debug/launch UI that the Ant Launching support is. Mainly … Continue reading

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>Google Summer of Code Midterm

>Wayne’s post about the Eclipse IDE for Education reminded me that I needed to fill out my google summer of code midterm evaluation. Here are some thoughts in general as they relate to eclipse and google summer of code. 1. … Continue reading

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>Summer of Code XQuery plugin

>Buddhika Laknath is hard at work on his XQuery plugin for eclipse. He had a big hurdle to over come, but with a few well hinted places for him to look at existing code, and few tips he’s now making … Continue reading

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>Who Drives Adoption?

>Ed Merk’s latest blog posting about the marketing of various downloads, and the disappearance of the Eclipse Modeling Package to a sub link, corresponds in some ways to a post by Rick Jelliffe on Microsoft’s participation in standards groups. How … Continue reading

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