>Eclipse Bug Day is July 25th

>Just a reminder that Eclipse Bug Day is fast approaching. This time around the XSL Tools incubating project will be joining the bug day festivities. If you are interested in helping squash a few bugs, or having your project participate, take a look at July’s Bug Day page.

Bug Day is one of those things that unfortunately seems to have died off a bit. I think it’s one of the important items to keep going. In many ways it’s another way that the committers and community members can interact, and the community can help fix some of the pressing issues that it sees that adopters may not necessarily think are as important. Bug Day is a way for the community help fix what ails them.

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3 Responses to >Eclipse Bug Day is July 25th

  1. >I think overall, we have solved over 150 bugs with bugday so it’s not that bad 😉

  2. David Carver says:

    >Most of those bugs were solved I believe though when Bug Day was a new and fresh idea, if we look at the trend over the last several months, it’s been on a downward trend.Also, certain projects are better at getting and recruiting support than others, but that will always be the case.I’ve just noticed much less active promotion of Bug Day compared to what it was when I first started participating in it.

  3. >I agree, there’s less promotion. Partly due to my less involvement… it seems you always need someone steering things :)It was my hope that projects eventually saw the benefit and would evangelise the idea themselves. That’s only been the case for a few projects.

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