>Summer of Code XQuery plugin

>Buddhika Laknath is hard at work on his XQuery plugin for eclipse. He had a big hurdle to over come, but with a few well hinted places for him to look at existing code, and few tips he’s now making some good progress. Here’s a screen shot:

After struggling to wrap his arms around the the SSE api and the XML editor code, he’s now getting ready to tackle the fun stuff. SSE itself is not something that is easy to understand. Particularly how to get your own parsing implemented while leveraging existing functionality. In order to have mixed content you either have to write a new parser that understands both languages you want to mix, or you have to do some VooDoo magic underneath, by marking some partions, and then reparsing with your specific extension language parser. It’s especially messy when you have to deal with several different Dialects: XML, XQuery, and XPath 2.0.

Hats off to Buddhika for plodding through, I think he can finally start seeing the light to some of the fun stuff.

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