>Eclipse Bug Day and PDT


Eclipse Bug Day and PDT

Just a reminder. Eclipse Bug Day is May 30th. For those that are looking to participate or contribute back to their favorite project, eclipse bug day is a great way to participate. I started off with helping the Web Tools project, which eventually lead to being a committer on the XSL Tooling project.

PDT Participating in Bug Day

While, reviewing the projects for Bug Day, it appears that PDT is now participating. They have a list of about 9 bugs that have been marked for Bug Day. Again, this a perfect opportunity for the PDT user community to help them out. Sign up if you can and try to help squash a few bugs.

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One Response to >Eclipse Bug Day and PDT

  1. Rem says:

    >Sadly, they seem to have tagged some “impossible” bugs like “Create bridge to better integrate with Mylyn!” which cannot be done within two or three hours.

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