>PDT Needs Community Patch Loving


Just out of curiosity, I did a bugzilla query against the PDT project, as a thread in the newsgroup sparked my curiosity. I wanted to see how many of the bugs that were marked NEW or ASSIGNED, had patches submitted with them. Out of 299 bugs that are in NEW or ASSIGNED status, only 1 of those bugs has a patch submitted for it. Bug 209408 has a patch, it just so happens to be my patch.

Now I realize that the majority of the PDT users probably aren’t Java or Eclipse programmers, but there has to be several that are, that can give PDT some love?

PHPEclipse, Aptana Olive Branch???

Here is something that I hope would happen. I would love to see some of the other PHP Eclipse Plugin developers help out as well. Aptana or PHPEclipse committers could come together to work on a common core. Both projects have some very good people on them and some nice features. I’d like to see both of these groups join together with PDT and make one very slick PHP development environment. It would also help all projects as they could work from a common core and still do their own separate projects if they want. It would help with the diversity of PDT…which unfortunately is dominated 99% by Zend, and 1% by IBM.

The PDT committers have said that they would love to have some patches submitted, and some quality contributions can help lead to more diversity within PDT. Which is a good thing. Ed and Chris have already gone over the virtues of a project having a good diverse set of committers.

So how about some PHP love, so that the 299 bugs can be addressed in a timely fashion and we can get PDT on the next release train like other eclipse projects.

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3 Responses to >PDT Needs Community Patch Loving

  1. Nick says:

    >The next Bug Day is next Friday, May 30. I know nothing about the PDT codebase, but I’d be willing to help out if there’s Zend folks willing to coach me… I’m still waiting on 7 bugs to be fixed from my top ten list, so I’d be happy to lend a hand if I can, to help get them fixed in PDT 1.1.I’d also be willing to share my releng stuff with them if they’d like. It’s all about reduce, reuse, reap (the benefits).

  2. Vineet says:

    >Didn’t Aptana want to stay away from EPL because they didn’t want a company benefitting, which used EPL’d stuff and did not contribute back to the community?

  3. David Carver says:

    >Vineet: I believe you are right about the licensing portion of the the Aptana Studio itself, however, they themselves benefit from the Eclipse platform, so they could benefit even more by helping work on a common core for PDT. Doesn’t stop them from continuing their own project and adding their own features under their own license in that product.Nick: Excellent idea. Maybe we should declare it unofficial PDT Bug Day?

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