>Web Standard Tools and LARGE XML File Editing

>Something that I learned today, that might help others that experience slow performance with editing large XML files. By large XML files, I mean files that are 500K or larger. By slow performance I mean:

  • Noticeable Typing delays when in source editor
  • Formatting of a document seems to take over eclipse
  • Code Folding enabled locks editor
  • Slow scrolling in XSD editor

These symptoms may be the result of the amount of heap space that you have allocated, as described in Bug 136935. I work on some fairly large XML files on a daily basis as I work for an XML standards organization called STAR as my day job. It’s not untypical for me to be editing and viewing files that easily reach the 500K or larger stage. So this performance issue was causing me some pain trying to switch over to the Web Standard Tools editors for daily work.

The partial solution to the problem is to change your Heap space settings, from the Eclipse default of 256M to at least 512M for both the Xms and Xmx settings. The Web Standard Tools editors are pretty memory hungry editors, so apparently for large file handling and editing the standard 256M just isn’t enough.

You can change these either in the eclipse.ini file, or in via the command line with the -vmargs options.

-vmargs -Xms512m -Xmx512m

Or in your eclipse.ini, just locate the 256m settings for both XMS and XMX.

For 3.0M6 and 3.4M6 this seemed to fix many of the issues I was experiencing.

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