>XML Syntax Colors

>I’m not a big fan of the default syntax colors that come with the Web Standard Tools XML editor. I find them hard to read and use for any extended period of time. Here is a screenshot of the colors I now use:

So with that said, here are my current settings (all values are for hue, saturation, and value in that order):

Attribute Names: 0,100,100
Attribute Values: 250,100,100 (Italic)
CDATA Content: 0,0,0
CDATA Delimiters: 180,100,50
Comment: 225,67,75
Comment Delimiter: 225,67,75
Content: 0,0,0
Declaration Delimters: 38,84,96
Doctype Name: 38,84,96
Doctype Public Reference: 240,100,50
Doctype System Reference: 150,50,50
Doctype System/Public Keyword: 0,0,50
Entity References: 250,100,100
Processing Instruction Content: 0,0,50
Processing Instruction Delimiters: 29,84,96
Tag Delimiters: 24,84,96
Tag Names: 24,84,96

I’ve also changed the current line highlight to yellow. This is changed in the standard Text Editor preference. So, those that use the XML editor from WTP, what settings do you use, or do you stick with the defaults?

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4 Responses to >XML Syntax Colors

  1. >A picture would say more then a thousand words. :)BTW, it is really odd that there is no import/export provided for the Syntax Coloring configuration.

  2. David Carver says:

    >You are correct…and I’ve updated the post with a screenshot.

  3. >Looking at your colors is like looking straight at the sun! 🙂

  4. David Carver says:

    >Ah yes…but it is bright and cheery. 🙂

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