>XSL Content Assist – Round Two

>Well, finally got this working a bit better. I took an idea from the BPEL project, and created a template page for the XPath items to be used for content assist. This also allows adopters to extend the available functions using the standard template mechanism. Currently content assist is made available on the select and test attributes for those elements that are in the XSL namespace.

The different icons allow for identifying a XPath Function, Operator, and Axis statement. If additional items are needed they can be added to the new XPath Template Page available in the XSL Preferences section.

As mentioned earlier, the content assist is based on particular context types. These are defined as follows:

  • xpath – XPath 1.0 functions.
  • xpath2 – XPath 2.0 functions (currently not added to content assist).
  • exslt – The standard functions available from the EXSLT Library. The processor being used must be able to support this library for them to be available.
  • custom – User defined functions or XPath expressions. This is where users can create their own custom expressions to be used during content assist.
  • operator – Operators are the logical operators of And, Or, greather than, less than, etc.
  • axis – These are the axis XPath statements for navigating a Nodeset.

Again, adopters can extend this list by adding their own definitions through the standard eclipse template mechnanism. One example, that will be using this in the coming milestone will be the Docbook Xalan extensions that are provided with those stylesheets.

Content Assistance will be available in 0.5M6, along with a few other goodies.

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