>XSL Content Assist Icons

>The XSL Tooling project needs some icons, and I have no artistic ability when it comes to these types of things, so I’m asking for the user communities help. We are working on Content Assist for the various XSL attributes. A screen shot of what is being developed is below:

As you can see, it is pretty generic right now, and as we add support for variables, and axis statements it’ll be difficult to differentiate what is a variable, xpath function, or xpath axis statement. Bug 221535 has been opened for the icon submittals. I believe these need to be standard 16 x 16 icons in either png or gif format. Preferably png. We’ll let the community decide which icons get choosen for inclusion. I must stress that these have to be original works or at least icons that are freely licensed under the EPL.

Updated: March 6, 2008 – Corrected Icon size to 16 x 16 instead of 8 x 8

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2 Responses to >XSL Content Assist Icons

  1. >Actually, it’s 16×16. 8×8 would be…ow.

  2. David Carver says:

    >Thanks, Nitin. I’ve corrected the entry.

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